Five Days in DC

Today I thought I would share my trip from a few weeks ago with you all! I’ve been to Washington D.C. twice now, and I think I could say it’s by far my favorite city in the US! Hope you enjoy re-living my vacation with me:)

It all started because my dad had a conference in D.C. for his work, and the rest of us decided that it would be fun if we all went too (not to the conference of course, just to the city;) So we booked an adorable little AirBnB, grabbed our school books, hopped in the car, and we were off!

When we were there, it was kinda unfortunate that the government was shut down right then, but it was a grand time anyway… The most disappointing part was that our tour of the White House was cancelled, I’ve always wanted to see inside there – but that’s just another reason to go back!

I just love the Lincoln Monument, and the whole National Mall. It just seems so patriotic to walk down and remember all our founding fathers…

One evening when we were there, we attended a concert by the National Youth Symphony Chamber Music players on Millennium Stage (a little stage in the lobby) in the Kennedy Center. I was SO SO SO GORGEOUS in there! Sometime I’m going to go back and see inside the opera house…

When I first visited Washington D.C. as a nine-year-old, I totally fell in love with the National Botanical Gardens! I had to go back and revisit them again this time. Just as pretty as ever…

The Vietnam Wall always makes me a bit teary-eyed. So many lost lives… I am ever grateful for the sacrifices of so very many selfless soldiers. It’s such a moving monument, if you’ve never been right up near it, I would highly recommend it!

Touring the Capitol Building was the number one highlight of my trip! I was actually able to see the House of Representatives and the Senate in session – such an incredible experience!

These were the little desserts they had in the cafeteria at the Capitol. Aren’t they just adorable?

Inside the Library of Congress… I had no idea it was like that inside! Who would’ve thought books needed such a pretty place to live?

This was one of the old rooms down in the Capitol. It was so amazing to see where our country was designed!

Me and my sweet Mama at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. It is right outside the city, so we drove there for the day. This estate is so charming! I love the colonial feel of it – and in the summer there are so many activities and re-enactments going on! Very high on my recommendation list as well:)

My family voted that the Jefferson Monument was our favorite! Somehow we didn’t end up with a photo of the outside, but the white marble and tall columns are so stunning!

Well, those were the highlights! I hope your enjoyed the little tour of America’s lovely capitol city. If you haven’t visited it before, you really should – it’s such an amazing city:)

Love from,